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This rolling wheel frame has two forms as self-adjusting and adjustable, can use for welding, smooth, installation and so on. The adjustment of self-adjusting can apply according to the canister. Through adjustingthread shank and snail bolt, adjustable scales can adopt to different volume. The rotating of the rolling wheel is driven by AC motor, adjusting speed by changing frequency.


Technical Parameters:


Specification ZGL-5 ZGL-10 ZGL-20 ZGL-40
Workpiece max weight(kg) 5000kg 10000kg 20000kg 40000kg

Inner four wheels load

755 905 1155 385





Applicable diameter
Min(mm) 250 320 450 600
Max(mm) 2300 2800 3500 4200
Rubber wheel
Diameter(mm) 250 300 350 400
Width(mm) 100 120 120 120
Steel wheel
Diameter(mm) 242 290 342 392
Width(mm) 0 25 0 40

Linear speed/frequency changing speed(m/h)

60M/H 60M/H 60M/H 60M/H

Power of driving motor(KW)

0.75kw 1.1kw 1.5kw 3.0
Weight(kg) 1000kg 1400kg 2100kg 2800kg


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