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Automatic welding center takes welding operation machine and welding power source as the main body, it will withrolling wheel frame, position changing machine, head and tail seat girth and longitudinal joint position changing machine to make up single and multiple station combined welding system.

The application of automatic welding center is wide; it can apply to container and metal structure with a variety of shapes and sizes to realize welding automatically. It has many advantages, such as flexible operation, reliable performance, strong matching. All these could assure welding quality and improve efficiency.

The main function of operation machine is placing the welding mechanism to welding location or realizing the moving of the welding trace.



Model: HJ-①②③

①: Lifting distance,5.5m is labeled as 55.

②: Flex distance,6m is labeled as 60.

③: No labeled letterfixed type;A—-vertical column gyration type;B— tractor traveling type; H— traveling welding type(only for the type below HJ-2020);Z-linear sliding rail type.



Vertical column gyration type: Manual form and electrical driving form;

Vertical column gyration locking type: Manual form and electrical driving form;

standard welding head: standard wire-feed mechanism +electrical driving cross micro-adjusting mechanism

+front wire disc. It can apply to inner girth vertical welding of canister of diameterφ1000mm.

Middle welding head: standard wire-feed mechanism + electrical driving cross micro-adjusting mechanism +

back wire disc. It can apply to inner girth vertical welding of canister of diameterφ800mm.

Micro welding head: Special wire-feed mechanism +electrical driving cross micro adjust mechanism of short travel distance +back wire disc. It can apply to inner girth vertical welding of canister of diameter φ500mm.

Crossbeam flex: transmission of gear wheel and rack, driven by AC motor. Changing-frequency adjusting-

speed can be used for welding shaft.


Crossbeam lifting: transmission of gear wheel and rack, driven by chain bar and chain wheel.

Cable towline: adopts project towline to layout circuiting, and protects the cable and tube from enwinding each other.

Anti-fall mechanism of crossbeam: safe lock mechanism avoids the fall of crossbeam when the chain is out of control or damaged.

Travel tractor: the standard allocation of the travel tractor is friction driving method, AC motor driving. You can place welding power source and hydraulic bottle on the tractor. You can set operator platform on the tractor.

Callback of flux: we can supply feeding mechanism according to your need.

Welding swinger: supply linear welding swingers according to your need, apply for wider seam swinging welding.

Contact type tracker: it could equip machinery welding seam tracker according to requests.

Monitoring system: it could equip monitoring system to observe welding condition and welding torch location(when submerged arc welding). It will coordinate cross adjustment mechanism to adjust welding torches.




Lifting travel(m) 1.X 2.X 3.X 4.X 5.X 6.X
Flex travel range(m) 1-1.5 2-4 2.5-5 3-6 3-6 4-8
Lifting speed(mm/min) 1000
Lifting transmission method Chain and wheel driving
Flex speed(mm/min) 120-1200 AC changing frequency adjusting speed
Flex transmission method Gear and rack
Guiding orbit method Linear guide, mountain guide or rectangular guide
Standing column gyration angle ±180°
Standing column gyration
0.2rpm or manual
Cross load of equal distributing on crossbeam(kg) 50 100 200 300 400 400
Tractor travel speed(mm/min) 1000 2000
Inner orbit distance of tractor(mm) 1000 2000

Besides providing HI model standard operation machine, our factory could also provide overweight operation machine, small operation machine, and precision type operation machine.



PLC controlling, supplying the control interface of position changing machine or rolling wheel frame.

Two controlling parts: electrical control box and remote control box, remote control box can realize the control of main parts of operator. Remote control box is often installed at the head; also we can install it in other place according to your need.

When allocating the linear welding swinger, the touch screen can realize the digital settings of swing parameters.

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