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This series special welding machine can apply to longitudinal joint welding of sheet board. The equipment matched with gas shielding arc welding, argon arc welding and plasma power source, can realize the longitudinal joint welding of sheet welding, and can realize the one face welding and two faces formation.



Model: ZH-①

①: Applicable length of workpiece,1500mm is labeled as 1500.



Specialized longitudinal joint of musical instrument keys welding machine adopts keys pressing mechanism. The machine adopts aerating airbag method, supply fair key press in the longitudinal direction. The end of the key board is copper. It can ensure the good heat sink effect. The distance between two rows of keys can be adjusted.

Copper bracket of workpiece back face can absorb super welding heat. We can also supply the water -cooling mechanism at the copper bracket according to your need. The groove in the copper can be designed by the materials and thickness of workpiece. And supply the back gas shielding function according to your need.

It can allocate laser method, manual and gas driving seam right mechanism.

By gear and rack mechanism, welding tractor realize stable travel of torch, adjustable stepless speed.

Allocate the torch lifting mechanism and special cross adjusting mechanism of the welding tractor.

We can add setting welding length and safe-protection function in the control system according to your need. The safety protection function can avoid the error operation of the welding machine and influence of the welding.


Main parameters


Model ZH-500 ZH-1000 ZH-1500 ZH-2000 ZH-2500 ZH-3000
Applicable workpiece length range(mm) ≤500 ≤1000 ≤1500 ≤2000 ≤2500 ≤3000
Applicable min workpiece diameter(mm) >φ100 >φ150 >φ180 >φ200 >φ250 >φ300
Applicable max workpiece diameter(mm) <φ750
Applicable workpiece thickness range(mm) 0.5-3 0.5-8
Welding speed range(mm/min) 180-1800 220-2200
Micro cross adjust travel of torch(mm) Y=±30 Z=±30
Lifting travel of gas torch(mm) 125

Note: The above are standard models. Detailed parameters can be changed according to your need.

Besides the above standard models, our factory could also provide different specialized longitudinal joint of musical instrument keys welding machine according to customer's needs.

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