There are 15 series and more than 60 varieties of welding equipments including automatic, semi-automatic, inversion and special welding equipment with excellent performance.



Industry Welding Machine,Household & Light Industry Welding Machine,Special welding equipment

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The special welding machine can apply to small girthspecial welding of brake shoe ribbed plate on automobiles.



It adopts a full sealing type integral design. It has beautiful shape and convenient maintenance.

It is equipped with exhaust outlet, and can with exhaust pipe or welding smoke processor to form a complete

The tough screen can set weld number each circle, welding angle and speed each section. It will go back to the beginning automatically after welding, and assure welding places keep the basic unify each workpiece.

It is equipped with welding machine MARKERII-350. It has beautiful welding, fast arc-striking and high success rate striking.

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