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This special welding machine is used for girth welding of large size groove workpiece of hydraulic cylinder, circular cylinder body, shaft and so on.



Model: YG-①H-②-③

①: Welding torches,2 is labeled as 2.

③: Normal standard no mark, fixed type oblique cylinder is labeled as X, displacement type oblique cylinder is labeled as B.



Rotation adopts standard gear box, AC motor drive, changing frequency speed adjusting.

It is equipped with welding torch swing system and welding torch automatic lifting system. The systems adopt stepper motor drive and ball screw drive. It will bring high precision of swing control, high efficiency welding and beautiful welding shape.

It is equipped straight handle automatic water-cooling welding torch and welding use circulation cooling water tank.

For the large changing of workpiece diameter, we can allocate height manual adjusting device of the welding mechanism ensures the stability of the welding mechanism.

We can allocate one set or two sets of air motivation lifting bracket, to apply the lifting the workpiece. The highest position of the air motivation bracket can be adjusted by the screw adjustment to apply the workpiece of different diameters. It can be used as the workpiece gyration supporting for special workpiece.

Special cross adjustment of the torch and welding seam.

It could select matching welding mechanism telescopic function or gantry tilt displacement function, which is easy for hoisting of workpiece.

The control system adopts PLC+ color tough screen, the operation interface is all Chinese with easy and direct operating. It can set digital parameters, such as main spindle rotating speed, main spindle rotating angle, swing range, swing speed, stop time, welding standard and welding torch height lifting each layer. You can set welding parameter each layer separately. It also has the function of welding parameter storage.

It can allocate automatic heating device and temperature measuring device(online or manual) according to requirements. It can also automatic ignition heating, it can stop heating when arrive at the setting temperature.


Special welding machine YG-1H-3000 and welding effect

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