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This series special welding machines can apply to girthspecial welding of thin wall canister body. The equipment matched with gas shielding arc welding, argon arc welding and plasma power source, can realize thin wall canister body girthwelding.



Model: HH-①-②-③

①: Welding torches,2 is labeled as 2.

②: Applicable length of workpiece,1500mm is labeled as 1500.

②: Type A marked as A, type B marked as B.



Butt weld shapes include butt weld, fillet weld and joint weld, etc.

We can allocate one torch one power source, two torches one power source and two torches two power sources.

The rotation adopts standard gear down box, AC motor driving and changing frequency speed adjusting.

Function of welding angle counting, presetting welding angle, automatic stop when at the welding angle.

Allocate the torch lifting mechanism and special cross adjusting mechanism of the welding tractor. The torch lifting mechanism is used for the fast place and return of welding torches. The special cross adjusting mechanism is used for micro adjust butt welding seam of welding torches.

For the large changing of workpiece diameter, we can allocate height manual adjusting device of the welding mechanism ensures the stability of the welding mechanism.

We can allocate one set or two sets of air motivation lifting bracket, to apply the lifting the workpiece. The highest position of the air motivation bracket can be adjusted by the screw adjustment to apply the workpiece of different diameters. It can be used as the workpiece gyration supporting for special workpiece.

Allocate the flux gathering pan and welding recycling machine mechanism at the time of submerged arc welding operation.


Besides the above standard models, our factory could also provide different girthspecial welding machine according to customer's needs.

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