There are 15 series and more than 60 varieties of welding equipments including automatic, semi-automatic, inversion and special welding equipment with excellent performance.



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The special welding machine can apply to outside discontinuity angle welding, which organized by arc plate and ribbed plate after assembly welding on automobiles' brake shoe.



It adopts a full sealing type integral design. It has beautiful shape and convenient maintenance.

It is equipped with exhaust outlet, and can with exhaust pipe or welding smoke processor to form a complete set.

The displacement of workpiece fixture adopts hybrid stepping motor drive, it can have accurate positioning.

The workpiece adopts pneumatic method to get fast positioning.

The control system adopts PLC+ color tough screen, the operation interface is all Chinese with easy and directoperating. It can set digital parameters, such as welding current, welding voltage, welding speed, welding angle, no-welding moving speed, it can also set manual control.

The welding procedure can finished automatically. Optimization design program brings each step articulation smoother and higher welding efficiency.

It is equipped with welding machine MARKERII-350. It has beautiful welding, fast arc-striking and high success rate striking.

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